Online CAD Classes & Virtual Autodesk Training

Online/Virtual Training

Synergis gives you online, live training options. Our team of experts and our partners make sure you get the training you need, when you needed it.

Any training we offer in class, we can do virtually. And this goes for custom training too. This way your entire team, wherever they are located, get the necessary training.

We’ve also formed partnerships to bring you even more online training options including advanced manufacturing and BIM specific training.  See all the live, online training we offer below.  Looking for on-demand learning? Click here.

CAD Training Online

Synergis partnered with CAD Training Online to provide our customers with a wider range of online, live training classes. Just like the training offered by Synergis, these additional online classes are delivered by Autodesk Certified Instructors and the training curriculum is Autodesk certified.

CAD Training Online has created best practices for delivering virtual training that set the industry standard through their “bring the classroom on-line” approach, affording participants the ability to interact with the presenter and even network with other students. Using a combination of live instructor interaction, High Definition VOIP and live video desktop sharing within the training portal creates a live classroom experience.

Advanced Manufacturing Training

We’ve partnered with D3 Technologies, Ketiv, and MasterGraphics to form the Virtual Advanced Training ACADemy. By joining together with these other top Autodesk resellers, we are able to offer an extensive list of specialized training that our customers are interested in, virtually. These online CAD classes provide robust online learning opportunities to users of more advanced and specialized Autodesk design and simulation tools.


Check out these virtual Autodesk training classes. Want to learn more or need a custom online class, let us know.