Workforce Development Funding

Studies show formal software training provides the benefits of faster design, increased accuracy and efficiency, with fewer mistakes. Don’t let budget stop you from maximizing your use of your Autodesk design software.  If your company in located in Pennsylvania, our Autodesk software training will qualify!      

Pennsylvania State Funding Programs

The Workforce & Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA) provides Pennsylvanian employers with the opportunity to request grant money for use on professional development of the workforce.

A formal application is required for grant funding and we can help walk you through that process by building out your training program before you submit for funding.  This program offers up to $2,000 per trainee and/or $100,000 per company.

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For more information and to apply for this funding, visit

Other states likely have similar programs.  For example, in New Jersey, Maryland, and New York.