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Autodesk Certification

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In addition to providing a rigorous quality standard in the industry, Autodesk Certification offers the following benefits:

  • Assess your team’s learning and development needs, and more accurately invest in training.
  • Validate your training investment, in controlled circumstances, with high confidence in the value and security of the results.
  • Determine the competence and capability of job candidates.
  • Prove experience using Autodesk software, enhance their credibility, and gain a competitive advantage.

Why will your business will benefit from Certified employees?

It’s a competitive market.  You need to know that your design process is in the hands of people that understand workflow and the importance of accurate and efficient practices.  The certification exams assess those particular skills.  Check out more on why on the Autodesk Certification page.

What types of Autodesk Certifications are available?

Product Certification – Evaluates a user’s ability to use the software efficiently and accurately.
Specialist Certification – Tests  professionals on overall design processes and workflow for a specific industry.

What Product Certifications are Available?

Autodesk Certified User
Autodesk Certified Professional

What products can I certify on?

To see certifications available, please visit see the Autodesk certification page.

What Specialist Certifications are available?

Currently, Autodesk has a certification available for Certified BIM Specialist: Road and Highway Solution.  Autodesk is looking at adding more Specialist Certifications in the future.

The Open Doors Certification events will be happening shortly. Contact us to learn more:  call us at 800.836.5440 or email us at