Autodesk Authorized Training Center & AutoCAD Training

Synergis Training: What do you want to know. When, how, and where you want to learn it.
Synergis is proud to offer our customers and partners the most comprehensive Autodesk training program in the business. We realize your time is valuable and know that if you’re going to dedicate the hours to Autodesk software training, we better deliver.  And we do, time and time again.  We have experts with real industry knowledge.  We have the facilities. We have the skills. And our team is very adept at getting our customers up to speed and back to work quickly. And we have been adding, evolving, and enhancing our training offering to make sure you can get the training you need, when, how, and where works best for you and your organization.  We work with you to straighten out the learning curve.


What types of training are there?

  • Classroom
  • Customized
  • Online/Virtual
  • On-demand
  • Online Resources – Our Synergis webcasts, blog, and YouTube channel

Why do we offer these options?
Everyone learns differently. You want to stay current with the solutions you have, and want access to materials as needed.  Time and travel constraints impact your training choices.   Within the Synergis Training Center you have options – choose what you need to best leverage the tools you have.

Why Synergis?
Synergis is an Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC) having met Autodesk’s rigorous standards of excellence for offering Autodesk training. And we have Autodesk Certified Instructors (ACI) on staff. This designation is earned by taking additional training beyond the required testing for Professional Certification to validate the skills, expertise and knowledge in line with the workflow and best practices as designed by Autodesk. We have more ACIs than any other Partner in the US because we want to ensure that we are providing the best service and knowledge to our clients so they can stay ahead of their competition.  Off-line and on-line. Self-paced and collaborative. Structured and unstructured. Customized and textbook. Put it all in a mixer and what do you get? Blended learning, Synergis style. All of our clients get it, so all of our clients get it. You will too, quickly and easily.

Check out our latest courses to see what we have to offer – from AutoCAD training, to CFD or Hydraflow. Learn more about classroom training, at your office or ours, and see our latest offering, for online live and on-demand training. Ask around. You’ll find that we have what it takes to straighten out the learning curve.

Not sure what kind of training you and your team might need? Don’t worry, click here and Ask an Expert.

What Do Our Clients Think?


“I definitely learned a lot and see the value from the money we spent. Jim did a fantastic job and I am very happy.”

Jason Toy
National Pipe Hanger Corporation