PDM & PLM and Why You Need Both

February 9, 2021

PDM and PLM. You’ve likely heard of both before and you might be wondering, what exactly does each one do? PDM (Product Design Management) software, like Autodesk Vault, gets your data under control with a central source of collaboration. Vault manages all of your engineering and design data, like your CAD files, Microsoft Office files, […]

How to Accelerate Your Products with PLM

September 1, 2020

It’s no secret that the manufacturing industry is changing and evolving. Product complexity is dramatically increasing, and there’s a more dynamic market of customers whose needs are rapidly changing, and who want smart products with more moving parts. So what does this mean for manufacturers? Well, it means that there’s an increase in project complexity […]

5 Reasons to Get Started with Autodesk Vault

July 13, 2018

Starting the process of researching a product data management (PDM) software for your organization can at times be an overwhelming task to take on. Or, you may have Autodesk Vault in the Autodesk Collection and haven’t started using it. We get it! That’s why we’ve gathered the top five reasons you should be using Autodesk […]

Webinar Recording Now Available: PDM to PLM Integration

April 1, 2016

If you missed this week’s webinar PDM to PLM Integration, the recording is now available. See how to integrate product data management (PDM) into a product lifecycle management tool and how tying the design critical information stored by engineering in PDM to the downstream processes that flow through the rest of the organization save time and improves […]

[Webcast] PDM to PLM 360 Integration

March 18, 2016

Join us to learn about the integration offerings for product data management (PDM) to Autodesk PLM 360 using Jitterbit. There are different ways to integrate these products depending on how your organization currently uses or plans to use PDM tools. PDM tools like Autodesk Vault, SolidWorks PDM Professional, PTC Windchill and others along with Autodesk […]

The Anatomy of a PLM 360 Tenant

August 29, 2012

I recently had the privilege of attending two Autodesk PLM 360 classes, and I would like to share some of what I learned with you. I will be writing and reviewing PLM  and to start off, let’s just define the Anatomy of a PLM. A PLM 360 tenant contains one or more workspaces working either […]

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