Why Leading Manufacturers Are BIM Ready And How You Can Be Too

October 23, 2013

When you think Building Information Modeling (BIM), do you imagine building designers, architects and engineers?  So what does BIM have to do with manufacturing? If you manufacture any product that goes into a building design, then you need to know about BIM to better position your business and profitability.  BIM is a smart model of […]

Get Your Products "Designed In" – Watts Water Technologies

October 14, 2013

Do you manufacture building products?  If so, some of the following challenges may seem familiar to you: Creating marketing materials from designs Meeting customer demands and capturing your market share Creating and getting content into the hands of the building designer in the beginning of the process Leveraging your manufacturing data for building designers to […]

Get to Market Faster with High-Quality Products and Less Waste – Karcher North America

October 9, 2013

Do you want to get your designs to market faster? Do you want to use the least amount of materials while maintaining the highest quality? Do you want to change your bottom line by producing less physical prototypes? Do you want to offer high quality 3D visualizations to your marketing and sales teams? Karcher North […]

GK Machine, Inc: Rapid Customization

September 30, 2013

Do you manufacture large machinery?  Could you imagine designing, manufacturing, and delivering a new machine in only four months?  Sound impossible?  With Autodesk Product Design Suite, GK Machines is able to design and fabricate equipment customized to each customer’s unique application. To see how Autodesk Product Design Suite enables GK to be increasingly innovative and creative in their designs, check out the video below. […]

The Autodesk Simulation Hub

September 10, 2013

Simulation. By now you have heard this term. However, when we ask our customers “Do you simulate your designs?” we often hear “No” from smaller businesses. So we ask, “Why not?” There are a variety of reasons, but most come down to Not enough human resources to learn new tools to simulate designs. The cost […]

Showcase your Inventor Files

February 12, 2013

Posted on February 13, 2013 by Gregg Reinhart, Mechanical Helpdesk Technician: With the inception of the design suites, Inventor users have gained access to Autodesk Showcase as a resource for doing high-quality renderings of their Inventor models.  In this post, I’d like to show you how the interoperability between the two programs allows you utilize […]

Inventor 2013 Design Accelerators – Functional Design: Key Connections

January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013 by Robert Reid, Manufacturing Solutions Engineer: Download the full whitepaper. Functional Design Definition: Functional design is a knowledge content tool that represents the trend to move from geometrical descriptions to capturing knowledge. Designers use functional design to analyze the function of their products and the design problems they are trying to solve, […]

CAD Insider: Autodesk Rules at NAFEMS

October 19, 2012

Autodesk took the floor at the NAFEMS (National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards) Conference last month when they announced the details of Simulation 360. Simulation 360 differentiates Autodesk among the competitors because it offers cloud-based computing and the ability to ‘rent’ the software in the cloud as needed. This creates an ease of […]

Autodesk Inventor: Wiring and Piping: Special Recorded Webcast

August 20, 2012

We receive many questions around Piping & Wiring in Inventor.   Jim Swain, Project Manager for Manufacturing Solutions, overviews Inventor Professional’s tools to develop piping and wiring systems.  They can even be tied to schematics developed in AutoCAD Electrical. In this webcast, Jim takes a look at how these tools can be used to your advantage: Setting up […]

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