New Releases: Revit 2019.1 and Civil 3D 2019.1

September 25, 2018

The latest versions of Revit and Civil 3D released last month to subscribers, and promises to drive more efficiency, and better connect teams and data. We’ll highlight the most important features you should be utilizing within your own projects. Let’s dig in. Site Collaboration Site Collaboration within Revit 2019.1 with Civil 3D introduces unprecedented interoperability […]

Work Smarter with Roadway and Parking Lot Design

September 10, 2014

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking software allows designers to see how transportation will interact with their building and infrastructure designs before they are built. Some of the benefits of Vehicle Tracking include: Faster planning and design Accurately predict movement Reduce rework Easily evaluate for safety factors Optimize designs Watch the video below for a quick overview of […]

Autodesk Infrastructure 2015 Solutions Event

April 3, 2014

Next Wednesday, some of team will be hosting a live, free breakfast event to update you on the 2015 Autodesk Infrastructure product line and discuss in detail the capabilities of InfraWorks. Discover the tools available to you for designing Infrastructure. Roy Martin, Director of Sales, will cover the latest strategies, technologies, and techniques to help […]

Autodesk Point Layout: Reduce Work, Prevent Errors, and Avoid Costs

September 16, 2013

You may have seen recently Autodesk has acquired a new technology into their family of products to announce the new solution Autodesk Point Layout.  With this product release, Autodesk takes BIM information beyond the computer design to aid with field operations.  Autodesk Point Layout allows design and fabrication office professionals to create installation points inside a […]

What is a Civil 3D Traverse?

March 6, 2013

Posted on March 6, 2013 by Nikki Szymanski: Recently, a client came to me and was confused about the traverse in Civil 3D.  In the dictionary, traverse (noun) is defined as something that crosses, obstructs, or thwarts; obstacle. In Civil 3D a traverse is used by surveyors in the field as a series of established […]

Five Quick Tips for AutoCAD Civil 3D Grading

January 29, 2013

Januray 29, 2013, post by Nikki Szymanski: As I go onsite to different clients, I come accross some tricks that not everyone uses, but could save you a lot of time.  Here’s five that I often give to the firms I visit: 1.  Extract Contours from a Surface:  Use extract objects for surface. Surface>Utilities> Extract objects […]

Civil 3D Survey – Knowing its History may Help Your Future

January 21, 2013

January 22, 2013 by Jesse Evans, Civil Solutions Engineer: The development of the Survey package in Civil 3D has happened over many releases, as Autodesk added additional functions. Watching this process grow from the first release, I’ve developed an understanding of why things are the way they are. When I find myself explaining these processes, I understand […]

Create Compelling Visual Communication in Infrastructure Projects

January 15, 2013

Autodesk has created an interactive set of tools to help you design your infrastructure and civil projects by incorporating every part of the design process so that you are communicating accurate, realistic presentations to project stakeholders that may have little or no experience with engineering drawings. Of course, this is only one reason the Infrastructure Design Suite will help you […]

AutoCAD Fundamentals for Civil Engineers – Part 325

November 14, 2012

As Civil Engineers, we often dive pretty heavy into the tools we use. For me, one of those tools is Civil 3D of course. What, with all of its styles and settings, tabs, external databases and such, sometimes I forget about the underlying nuances of both AutoCAD and Map that live within Civil 3D. That […]

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