[Webcast] The Future of Making Things Starts Now

November 10, 2015

Join Autodesk for this webinar to learn more about The Future of Making Things and how Autodesk’s integrated product development solutions can improve your processes: Create the best possible design based on real world conditions that you define with Autodesk’s new Shape Generator functionality. Gone are the days of educated guesses and over-engineering your products. […]

Simulation Mechanical Tip: Changing Units

November 4, 2014

Posted on November 5, 2014 by Jim Swain, Synergis Project Manager for Manufacturing: Setting up an analysis can have some frustrating moments. Often the available data for boundary conditions and such are from different sources, and in different units. In Simulation Mechanical you can change the Display Units in the Browser to switch between various […]

Webcast: Case Study – CFD Simulation in the Autodesk Cloud (Lobo Engineering)

July 28, 2014

Simulation has the potential to accelerate product development, yet in some cases computational demands make large scale tests and comparisons impractical. Many engineers are looking to the cloud for on demand, elastic computing capacity that can applied on these problems to virtually test and optimize their designs faster and more efficiently. In this webinar, we’ll […]

What's New in the Autodesk Simulation Portfolio?

April 3, 2014

Autodesk® is becoming well known for the simulation, validation, and analysis tools in its simulation tools portfolio.  Focused on data driven design, to help businesses reduce waste, testing, and number of physical prototypes, Autodesk improves upon the tools each year to give you more data early in the design process to make decisions in the […]

Top Five Reasons to Start Simulation in Your Design Process NOW

February 24, 2014

We are seeing more and more success with both small and large companies who are adopting simulation tools for many reasons.  Many Autodesk manufacturing companies estimate savings in the thousands of dollars because they can now visualize, with true data and materials, how their products will behave once they are built.  It’s important for quality […]

The Autodesk Simulation Hub

September 10, 2013

Simulation. By now you have heard this term. However, when we ask our customers “Do you simulate your designs?” we often hear “No” from smaller businesses. So we ask, “Why not?” There are a variety of reasons, but most come down to Not enough human resources to learn new tools to simulate designs. The cost […]

Autodesk Labs: Process Sim Technology Preview

November 30, 2012

Autodesk Labs  is the place to go when you want to try free technology previews to stimulate new ideas and look at tomorrow’s reality today.  The projects are free downloads and you can preview as many as you like.  If you try them, give back constructive feedback so they can make the technology more user-friendly and incorporate your ideas.  This is […]

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