Sorting in Sheet Set Manager Model Tool: AutoCAD Platform Tools

June 18, 2015

Posted June 18, 2015 by Kevin Spear, Synergis Civil Applications Consultant: I was doing some help desk coverage while other members of the team headed to training at an Autodesk event. This happens every year coinciding with the new releases of the software/applications. So, to get myself warmed up a bit, I took a stroll down […]

AutoCAD LT: An Effective Tool for Event Planners and Space Coordinators

February 12, 2015

Event planning and space coordination in large events can be challenging, especially if you are planning for thousands of people in a location where you have never been.  Nteractive Consulting and Events offers creative event planning and delivery for major Fortune 500 companies across the world.  In order to make sure they are creating an […]

AutoCAD Mechanical – A Productivity Study

January 14, 2015

Are you currently using AutoCAD? Did you know some of your everyday challenges can be solved with AutoCAD Mechanical? Autodesk conducted a study comparing certain design challenges in AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical which produced the following results: For 2D CAD work, a total time reduction of 65% is possible with AutoCAD Mechanical. The risk of […]

What is Autodesk A360?

November 24, 2014

Autodesk 360, recently renamed A360 is a tool to help you connect your projects and teams.  With A360 you can: Work Together – A central project-based view of all data and activity, accessible from any device, anywhere, by all stakeholders. See Everything – A rich 3D visual experience allowing easy, fast and detailed exploration of […]

Slash AutoCAD Design Time

November 17, 2014

With all the 3D products available today, you might think that Autodesk is not investing in AutoCAD any more and that just isn’t true.  AutoCAD is the flagship product that has more users than any other because of its speed and recognizable interface. Today, with Desktop Subscription allowing purchasers to scale up or down their […]

Desktop Subscription: A Flexible, Scalable Option for Licensing

October 20, 2014

This year, Autodesk released a new form of licensing called Desktop Subscription, or as some call it, rental licenses. With this type of licensing, you have access to software that is: A low cost of entry without purchasing a full seat of software upfront Control costs without large investments or long-term commitment Cost effective way […]

Important: Installing Multiple AutoCAD Products

January 16, 2013

January 17, 2013, posted by Darin Green, Synergis Helpdesk: We often receive calls from clients who get an error message pointing “Failed installation aborted, Result 1603”.  To help, I thought I would put this popular topic online to help with your service.  If this doesn’t solve your problems, feel free to contact us for any help. […]

Create Compelling Visual Communication in Infrastructure Projects

January 15, 2013

Autodesk has created an interactive set of tools to help you design your infrastructure and civil projects by incorporating every part of the design process so that you are communicating accurate, realistic presentations to project stakeholders that may have little or no experience with engineering drawings. Of course, this is only one reason the Infrastructure Design Suite will help you […]

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