Autodesk Subscription

Subscribing to Autodesk products is the most flexible and cost-effective way to access and manage your design, engineering, and software tools.

  • Access – Customers get broad access to latest and greatest tools, more frequent updates, and technologies and services that they use today and in the future.
  • Control – Customers get access to what they need when they need it, based on how tightly they need to manage users and costs.
  • Insights – Customers can leverage reporting and analytics across users and products to evaluate spend, productivity, and future needs.

When it’s time to renew your maintenance plan, you can switch to subscription.  Learn more.

Specific subscription benefits include:

  • Access to a wide selection of the most essential Autodesk software for their industry in a single collection that will evolve and get better over time
  • Continuous access to the latest software releases and enhancements
  • Flexible term lengths (annual or multi-year)
  • Both single-user (individual) and multi-user (shared) access options
  • Previous Version Rights
  • Global Travel Rights
  • Access to more cloud services
  • New and improved technical support
  • Administrative tools

Learn more about subscribing to Autodesk software, maintenance plans, and all of the benefits.



What is Subscription? In 2 minutes or less, learn all you need to know about subscribing to Autodesk software.
What in Maintenance Plan? In 2 minutes or less learn all you need to know about maintenance plans.
I Am a Subscriber Are you a subscriber? In this 2 minutes or less, learn to identify your contract type-understand your access options and benefits.
I Have a Maintenance Plan  Coming soon!
Get Started Learn how to get started with your subscriptions or maintenance plans to take full advantage of your product and benefits.
Support Learn what support options are available to you, how to access them. Get the help you and your team needs to be productive.
New Product Releases Learn about how to access and use your software and how to get help, if you need it.
Flexible Licensing Rights Learn what you need to know about flexible licensing rights, including previous versions, home use and global travel rights.
Take a Tour of Autodesk Account Take a tour of the customer portal–Autodesk Account– where subscribers and customers with maintenance plans access their software, benefits and administration tools.
Roles; Who’s Who  Learn about the four key roles connected to each subscription: Contract Manager, Software Coordinator, User, and Named Caller and their distinct functions and capabilities.



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