Autodesk & AutoCAD Helpdesk Support Services

Synergis understands that technical support is critical to the success of your organization, and that the level of support required varies from client to client. We have different Autodesk support plans so you can get the one that meets your needs, and we make it really easy to get your questions answered so you can stay ahead. The Synergis Helpdesk support team offers personalized service, knowledgeable resources and quick responses. Our Certified Applications Consultants serve as an extension of your internal team and provide invaluable support for everyday issues that may arise.

Synergis Helpdesk Contracts Offer

Telephone support between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST on business days, but Helpdesk support requests can be submitted anytime via phone, email, or through our self-service portal.

Response times within four hours from the date and time that the Helpdesk request was properly submitted. This response will consist either of: (a) a suggested problem resolution; or (b) in the case of a request which in Synergis’ sole discretion requires research or escalation, a notification of the estimated time to provide the Designated Contactwith a resolution or a workaround.

Multiple ways to submit your support requests and initiate a case log:

To log a case, please be prepared to provide your name, email, phone number, application name and version, description of the issue, and steps to reproduce the issue.

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AutoCAD, Vertical Products, Suites, and Industry Collections*

One annual contract fee covers unlimited phone or email support for your organization. There are four category options for our Autodesk Helpdesk (Core or Vertical – with support for 1-2 software seats or unlimited software seats). Only one category and corresponding contract applies to each customer.

Services Core Support Contract Vertical Support Contract
1-2 Seats Unlimited Seats 1-2 Seats Unlimited Seats
AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Product Support
Autodesk Vertical Product Support
Installation Support
Network Licensing Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Unlimited Remote Access (GoToAssist)
Cost  $300  $900  $600  $1200

*Excludes Vault.  Customization is not included in the prices above, please see per incident option below for pricing.

Autodesk Vault

Vault Helpdesk is in addition to the core and vertical support options above and includes Email Support, Phone Support, and Unlimited Remote Access (GoToAssist).

Helpdesk Per Incident Hourly Rate Options

Synergis Helpdesk Support for: Hourly Rate
Custom Programming $100
 AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT $100
 Autodesk Vertical Solutions $100
Autodesk Education Solutions $100

Do you have a Helpdesk Contract and need technical support?

To log a Helpdesk related ticket, please send us an email or call 800.836.5440.

If you have a SelfService Portal Login, please click here.