Site Scan

Finally, the Complete Package.

The Solo® drone paired with the Site Scan app and 3DR cloud offers one-click data collection, processing and analytics into the Autodesk tools Site Scan smallyou use every day.

Site Scan™ is the premier arial analytics platform for reality capture and cloud analysis.


A safe and simple experience designed for the field professional. Fully automated flights, from takeoff to data capture to landing, so that operators can focus on data. The Solo® drone comes ready to fly, and it’s easy to carry and deploy.


Execute and manage aerial jobs entirely from the Site Scan app, no controller is needed. Any service technician can control the camera and vehicle using familiar tablet gestures.


Autonomously send aerial data straight to your cloud analysis system, right from the app. See the full history of past inspections, maps and surveys when you are on the field. Easily share your data with all relevant stakeholders.


3DR® partners with leading camera manufacturers to deliver the best image quality. Site Scan captures images with the professional

Sony® UMC-R10C camera or GoPro® Hero4 and transforms images into accurate maps and models.


Data collected with Site Scan can be integrated with market leading design and analytic platforms like Autodesk.


Data integrity is maintained from the camera to the cloud. Minimize mistakes and make sure all inspections are performed as prescribed.


Extend core capabilities for your precise needs. Data in the 3DR cloud can be accessed through the open cloud APIs and integrated with enterprise software, expanding the analytics capabilities of Site Scan.


We constantly improve Site Scan to enhance its capabilities and match them to your business needs. Automatically receive free over-the- air updates to benefit from the latest innovations.


The open accessory bay allows for integration with leading new and future third-party sensors. The Solo drone can easily be equipped with multispectral, near-IR and thermal cameras.

The Site Scan™ app supports all reality capture needs with three modes:

Survey: Simply outline the area you want to survey with your fingertip and Solo® automatically executes the flight, capturing the images you need to create 2D maps and DEMs. Images are automatically processed to create orthorectified, georeferenced mosaics.

Scan: Solo lifts off and circles your site or object of interest, capturing all the imagery that Autodesk ReCap™ needs to generate a photorealistic georeferenced 3D model. Processed imagery is available immediately and is securely saved to your cloud account.

Inspect: Safely and easily inspect elevated objects like rooftops, towers and power lines. Images are automatically paired with rich metadata. Operators control the vehicle with intuitive “tap-to-fly” gestures, allowing any field service technician access to the sky.


Connect with us to learn more about how Site Scan enables customers to safely, quickly and easily inspect, survey and scan work sites with the Solo smart drone and seamlessly deliver that data to the cloud for processing and analytics.