Leica TruView & Cyclone PUBLISHER

Free, Easy Viewing & Measuring of Point Clouds


Simple to use over the Web or via local files, Leica TruView software is for everyday professionals who want to easily view and measure rich, laser scan point clouds without having to be an expert in laser scanning, CAD, or 3D.

FREE Sharing of Point Cloud Data

Leica Cyclone PUBLISHER publishes point cloud data for web-based sharing and viewing allowing access from anywhere in the world. Using the FREE Leica TruView panoramic point cloud viewer, users can view, zoom in, or pan over point clouds naturally and intuitively. Using a simple “panoramic” or “bubble” viewer approach, you see High-Definition Survey™ point clouds on the computer screen just as if you were standing right where the laser scanner captured the scan data.

Easy Measuring and Markups

In TruView, users can extract real 3D coordinates and accurately measure distances. Results appear right on the point cloud image. Markups are also easy to create, save and share with your peers, your service provider, or with clients for more effective communications.

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