Leica JetStream

Simplified point cloud access and ultra-high-speed rendering


Does your organization have a need to, or are you already integrating the use of point cloud data into your productive CAD workflows? If so, you may have realized that some of the real world issues facing these implementations. Many systems do a poor job and even become nearly unusable as the huge data sets common with point clouds start to bog down the system. In addition the complexity of implementing and using point cloud data can be a real challenge for the CAD drafting teams. Leica JetStream is purpose built to solve all of these problems, like no other available solution.

The rendering performance and visual fidelity of JetStream with its instant loading, and all-the-points, all-the-time rending capability delivers like no other available built-in or add-on solution. This ensures an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and ultra-high productivity environment for all organizations utilizing point clouds in the CAD processes.

JetStream provides a centralized and easy to use project environment. This is valuable for the IT and project management teams to have an easy-to-use, robust and easy to maintain platform making data distribution, user access control, backups and other IT functions easy and effective.

In addition, the easy to use project interface for the CAD users shortens the learning curve and ensures productivity.

The JetStream platform is comprised of three main components.


JetStream ProjectVault:

JetStream ProjectVault is the core component of the JetStream ultra-high-speed point cloud project server. Users implement the ProjectVault on a centralized server location within their network and it offers true Client/Server functionality with all of the organization benefits of such modern systems.


JetStream Generator:

JetStream Generator is an application for converting Cyclone based point cloud data and storing it in the JetStream ProjectVault. In a fashion similar to unify the point cloud data (which will be familiar to Cyclone users), Generator creates a new spatial index for the data to improve its rendering characteristics and connects to JetStream ProjectVault to store the newly generated data. As those familiar with unifying point cloud data may know, this can be a time consuming process. JetStream Generator address this time factor and accomplishes this task 2x to 3x faster than unifying and even more importantly, the resulting data can be as much as 10x smaller.


JetStream Connectors:

JetStream connectors are simply a license component that allows any JetStream client to connect. This concept of “Number of concurrent users” is a very common mechanism in client server systems. Leica’s implementation of these connectors provides a great convenience to organizations utilizing the JetStream Platform.


Accessing JetStream Projects

Users access JetStreams point cloud data services with Leica’s leading point cloud productivity CAD plugin platform, CloudWorx with plugins for the world’s most popular CAD platforms. CloudWorx users connected to JetStream benefit from the ultra-fast point cloud rendering and simplified project access methods.