Faster, Safer, More Accurate Data Collection

Laser scanning with High-Definition Scanners or UAV’s enables you to collect accurate data of existing, real-world conditions. Synergis scanning services provide you with an accurate, highly detailed point cloud model which you can use to design in context, monitor construction process, and increase speed, precision, and quality.

As-Built Reality Capture

Applications Consultants will scan your existing site or project with a high-definition laser scanner, clean-up the resulting point cloud and verify data, and develop a single, user-friendly model which can be utilized with AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, Inventor, ReCAP, and Navisworks. We can then work with you to help you work with this data and understand existing conditions.

Forensic Engineering & Clash Detection

Using high-definition scanning services, Synergis can help you collect real-world data which can enable you to investigate possible failures or other potential performance issues. We can also help you avoid clashes and interference for as-built or renovation projects.

How Laser Scanning Can Accelerate Your Projects

A Synergis Applications Consultant will use laser scanning technology to quickly, effortlessly, and accurately collect real-world data for your projects.

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