Scanning Services

Digitize the world with laser scanning

BIM is allowing us to have the insight to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure in collaboration with various stakeholders, and with better access to the necessary data to do so.

Laser scanning, with HDS or UAVs is another solution for collecting the accurate data needed for these projects, giving building, construction, engineering, and civil infrastructure companies the ability to:

  • Work with accurate high detail As-Built Data
  • Design in Context
  • Increase Speed, Precision, and Quality
  • Construction Progress Monitoring

If you are working on renovations, retrofits, bridges, roadways, or any other project that involves needing to leverage data from existing structures, it’s worth a look at laser scanning. Manufacturers are finding great value in using scanning for plant layout and facilities management. And if you looked at scanners in the past, they are now more powerful and affordable than before.

How it works (the really simple version):

  • Scan via the ground or from above to create accurate point clouds of a physical space.
  • Filter the captured point cloud data into smaller areas to work with.
  • Align the as-built point cloud to the original CAD model to check for differences or use it to create a new model – within the Design software you are already using.
  • Use this data to deliver quality reports, drawings, 3D models and visualizations, virtual tours, or 3D print your project.
  • Discover potential vital project issues early in the process.
  • Uncover field errors which may clash with future project phases.

Want to learn more? Synergis is a 3DR and Leica Geosystems Partner and can help you with creating the scans, converting and verifying the data, and developing a single user-friendly model for you to use within Revit, Civil 3D, Inventor, and AutoCAD and view in ReCAP and Navisworks. Also, we can assist with selecting a laser scanner that fits your needs. Ask an Expert.