Unified Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Tools

Autodesk Fusion solves the bottlenecks created by traditional CAD, CAM, data management, and simulation solutions by eliminating the disconnected development process that you encounter every day. Unifying advanced manufacturing technologies in one single platform, Autodesk Fusion provides a cohesive experience across design, engineering, and manufacturing with your data at the center.

With dedicated tools for both Product Designers and Manufacturers, Autodesk Fusion will provide all the tools needed to design and simulate your products and maximize manufacturing efficiency.

Autodesk Fusion for Product Design

With Autodesk Fusion you can stop struggling with broken processes and get back to what you do best.  A complete product development solution is waiting for you. Dedicated extensions for Product Design provide advanced 3D design & modeling tools. Simulation Extension will help you investigate if your designs are feasible. And you can keep it all organized with Manage Extension, additional data management functionality tools.

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Autodesk Fusion for Manufacturers

With Autodesk Fusion you can seamlessly take your designs from pixels to production. A dedicated Machining Extension will automate your machining and help with toolpath modifications, surface inspections, and part alignment. Nesting & Fabrication Extension creates your optimized & associative multi-sheet layouts for parts. Finally the Additive Build Extension will enable you to automatically orient and print 3D metal parts and generate fully supportive structures.

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