Connect, Organize and Optimize Your Projects

BIM 360 helps you create a streamlined workflow with project management, document management, cost management, design coordination and more by connecting your data and workflows and keeping all your information in one place.


By making project information accessible to the project team when and where they need it, BIM 360 Docs turns document management from a necessary task to the foundation for project success. Centralize all project information into a single, cloud-based platform to Increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce risk


Boost productivity, improve project efficiency, and accelerate project delivery. Teams can work on the same project, which helps them avoid time wasted on uploading, syncing, transferring or waiting on large files. Real time Revit cloud worksharing and collaboration workflows for Civil 3D and Plant 3D connects teams and information throughout every project phase.


Gain visibility into project performance by connecting the office and field with an integrated construction project management platform that supports quality and safety programs, RFIs, submittals, cost controls, and daily reporting


Decrease waste and save time by reducing the time needed to articulate, input, maintain, and share tasks, handoffs, and dependencies collected in production planning meetings.

What BIM 360 Can Do For You

Streamline your workflows, boost productivity and improve project efficiency. Let Synergis guide you through the best options for subscribing to BIM 360.

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