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QUAKERTOWN, Pennsylvania, August 27, 2013—Synergis Engineering Design Solutions, a division of Synergis Technologies, Inc. and one of Autodesk’s highest-rated value-added resellers in the Americas, today announced that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Kingsbury, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of tilt-pad fluid film thrust and journal bearings for all types of rotating machinery, credited a successful Autodesk Vault Collaboration implementation to the support and training received from Synergis Engineering Design Solutions. The transition has elevated the company to a higher level of efficiency by going from a paper-driven shop floor to paperless; making a tremendous difference in the time it takes Kingsbury to manage and complete projects.

Historically, Kingsbury’s manufacturing operations relied heavily on paper job tickets and packets that included drawings, 3D models, and pictures of the job to be completed. With thousands of jobs running at one time the coordination and logistics of the paper job packets was an impediment to increasing productivity. Kingsbury needed a solution to make it easier for machine operators and shop personnel to manage the jobs and information on the shop floor.

Kingsbury worked with Synergis Engineering Design Solutions, their long-time Autodesk solutions partner and business consultant to assess the project and determine the best solution to meet their business goals. Kingsbury’s design tools are primarily Autodesk Product Design Suite, Inventor, iLogic, and AutoCAD along with an engineering-centric data management solution, primarily for engineers, designers and drafters, and Autodesk Buzzsaw, which the company implemented for use in their procurement process. Autodesk Vault Collaboration was selected as the new data management solution to achieve these goals.

Rather than using paper packets, Vault allows the jobs to be stored in the system in what is
referred to as a “job folder.” These folders contain all information necessary to complete the
job, and include links to any file associated with the job. “It is becoming apparent that the
unique, one-point sourcing of pertinent documents and information, which is from the common
computer network, has expedited the manufacturing effort while simultaneously declining the
potential for the distribution of materials with untimely revision statuses or other error
conditions,” said Jerry Powers, Kingsbury Senior Vice President. “The consequences of the
‘Paperless Manufacturing Project’ continue to become manifest in the increasing efficacy of
production-floor information command and control. This represents a somewhat unquantifiable,
but absolutely real savings in both time and direct costs.”

Out of the box, Autodesk Vault Collaboration was able to address the majority of Kingsbury’s
requirements; however when a user selected a file in Vault, the latest version of the document
was displayed in the Preview tab of the Details Panel, regardless of its lifecycle state (released,
in review, work in progress, etc.). Synergis Professional Services team was engaged to develop
a custom add-in for Autodesk Vault that displays the latest released version of the selected
document in a separate tab in the details pane for users to have access to both the current
version and the last released version.
Kingsbury required Synergis’ support to add a new replicated workgroup to their Autodesk Vault
environment so that multiple locations would be able to access all design data which was
primarily generated in their Philadelphia headquarters. This entailed the configuration,
implementation and testing of their Vault Publishing Server, Vault Subscriber Server, and SQL
Server replication services. Additionally, Synergis was engaged to teach Kingsbury personnel
how to use the system in their environment.

With over one hundred seats of Vault installed throughout Kingsbury’s facilities, both in the
United States and Germany, shop personnel in any facility are able to search jobs and files
using dual, large screen monitors placed around the shop or from other mobile devices (e.g.
ePads) providing them accurate and timely job information.
“This project wasn’t about saving trees, although it will. We estimate 20 hours are saved each
week with this process because new job packets on the shop floor are no longer needed when
there’s a change—the changes are instantaneous in Vault. Not only do we save time with
changes, we also save when creating a new job folder in Vault which takes a mere 15 minutes to compile,” said Harry Geiger, Kingsbury Information Technology Manager.

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