Autodesk Government - CAD Software Support

Government expertise; no red tape.

Government agencies ask a lot of their suppliers. And rightly so. To make sure that Synergis has all the right answers, we teamed up with Autodesk, Inc. and Autodesk Government at DLT Solutions, Inc. (a master government sales and marketing partner) to deliver complete solutions for your agency. Together, we offer everything from comprehensive packaged CAD software installation, training and customized support, to service offerings and complementary software designed to meet your agency’s specific requirements.

Synergis offers government agencies CAD software, support and customized solutions in most areas that we service the private sector, including, AEC, Manufacturing, Civil Engineering and Utilities. Equally important, through the GSA Schedule, state and local government contracts, and other purchasing vehicles, the Synergis government team provides you with specialized  Autodesk pricing.

DLT Solutions and Synergis have helped government agencies unleash the power of Autodesk. Usually in a matter of days. Always with the goal of becoming more efficient and productive.

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