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Your day is packed with projects that need to be completed, so there isn’t a lot of time for learning the latest industry trends, trying out new software, or hearing about tips and tricks – all of which would make your job easier.

Synergis gets it. We bring events to you. Webcasts, test drives, seminars, and more. These are top-notch events with presenters that include our engineers, Autodesk product as well as industry experts, and industry members just like you. Ask around, there’s probably someone you know registered for an upcoming Synergis60 webinar!
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Collaboration for Civil 3D & BIM 360 Design (January 23, Live Webcast)


Thursday, January 23 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

BIM 360 Design enables design collaboration and data management across the project lifecycle.  Collaboration for Civil 3D allows teams to securely access Civil 3D files within one firm or across distributed teams and organizations.  It enables teams to manage the exchange of design data, visualize changes, track project progress, and manage issues.  Centralize design collaboration on a common data platform to help eliminate costly delays, optimize your talent pool, reduce data friction, and improve project outcomes.

Join Synergis and Applications Consultant, Kevin Spear, P.E., for this informative, live webcast.


During this live webcast you will learn to:

  • Connect teams to improve productivity and accelerate project delivery
  • Manage projects in a common data platform
  • Visualize design changes to reduce re-work and downstream construction delays
  • Save on IT maintenance and benefit from the cloud

“It’s All in the AutoCAD Electrical Project File” (February 5, Live Webcast)


Wednesday, February 5 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Creating an AutoCAD Electrical project and adding your standard AutoCAD electrical drawings can save time even though there are not AutoCAD Electrical intelligent symbols in the drawing.  With standard AutoCAD, these drawings are managed one at a time.  In an AutoCAD Electrical project, however, they are grouped together which makes opening and managing them much easier.  It’s all in the AutoCAD Electrical Project File!


During this live webcast you will learn to:

  • Create a project file and identify its properties
  • How to add files to the project file
  • Update the drawing title blocks using the project file data
  • Identify reports that can be used on the project data