Learning happens everywhere.

Your day is packed with projects that need to be completed, so there isn’t a lot of time for learning the latest industry trends, trying out new software, or hearing about tips and tricks – all of which would make your job easier.

Synergis gets it. We bring events to you. Webcasts, test drives, seminars, and more. These are top-notch events with presenters that include our engineers, Autodesk product as well as industry experts, and industry members just like you. Ask around, there’s probably someone you know registered for an upcoming Synergis60 webinar!
Pick the topics you’re interested in and join us.


Sharing Location and Topo with Architects

Are you challenged with projects getting delayed because you cannot share information with the architectural team? Would it benefit your project timeline if you could share the actual location and the lay of the land of a project site? Many of our customers today tell us that this could significantly impact their speed of the project and need to know how!

As part of our ongoing educational series, we will be hosting a webcast to show you just how you can do this! Please register to attend our webcast, “Sharing Location and Topo with Architects”, on March 7th at 11:00 – visit the link below to register!

You will learn:

  • Shared Coordinates in Civil 3D and Revit
  • BIM360 Project Orientation
  • Adding Topo to the BIM360 Project
  • Consuming Topo from the BIM360 Project into Revit

These tweaks to your current workflow can benefit your whole team. If you have any thoughts on speeding up your projects-take this 45 minutes to sharpen your saw!

If you want more information and cannot attend the webcast, please register and we will send you the recording!


Managing Quality and Supply Chain Management Processes

Are you challenged with project delays or receiving parts from suppliers that do not meet specifications? Are you able to track quality trends of both good and bad suppliers?

Synergis has worked with many manufacturers to improve processes around supply chain management. Without making any assumptions about your business goals, I believe Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle could play a pivotal role in your success.

I believe this solution could help you:

  • Quickly and easily find information you need to approve suppliers and vendors
  • Easily manage supplier audits
  • Effectively implement supplier corrective actions
  • Objectively determine strategic importance of each vendor/supplier

Please register for our upcoming informational webcast “Managing Quality and Supply Chain Management Processes” we are hosting on March 5th at 11am.