In addition to time waste, many companies report significant issues collaborating with other departments, vendors, suppliers, and customers.  At the root of these challenges?  Design data in disarray.

Join Autodesk’s technical experts to learn how you can reclaim control of your intellectual property.  Keep everything in a single, central location where everyone can access what they need – when they need it.  Then, simplify review cycles with lightweight, read-only design representations that can be viewed directly from a web browser.

This webinar will show how you can use the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection to:

  • Centrally manage your design and provide access to your entire engineering team
  • Easily find what you need when you need it, maintain links between files, avoid overwritten work, and quickly copy existing designs for new projects
  • Securely share data outside the firewall with lightweight, read-only design representations that can be accessed via a web browser
  • Share complete design-files with external stakeholders using CAD-aware cloud storage with access control, versioning, and viewing capabilities
Securely Share Design Data Inside the Firewall & Beyond - On-Demand -  -