Falcon Goes Further

January 15, 2013

January 16, 2013, Jim Swain: In my last posting I had fun with a technology preview on the Autodesk Labs site called Project Falcon.  I used this wind tunnel simulation tool to check the drag coefficients on a couple of pine wood derby car shapes: http://www.pinewoodderby.org/. A couple of things have happened since then which […]

Autodesk Announces Electronic License Delivery

January 3, 2013

Recently, Autodesk announced a “greener” method to deliver software.  Soon, electronic delivery will be the standard method by which you will receive your upgrades to the most efficient workflows and features.  Whether purchasing a new license or getting the newer versions through your Autodesk Subscription Contract, your automatic delivery method will be via Electronic License […]

Happy Last Friday! AutoCAD Electrical Tip #4 – Symbol Data

December 28, 2012

Hope your holidays are going well. Here is our final tip of the year brought to you by Todd Schmoock, Manufacturing Solutions Engineer. Tip #4: Turning Off and On Symbol Data in AutoCAD Electrical. Thanks for reading and let us know what features you need help with, we would love to address it in the […]

Happy Friday Tip 3: Using Conduit Marker Support Files in AutoCAD Electrical 2013

December 21, 2012

Almost to the holiday week and one more tip before you are out of the office… Conduit Marker Support Files utilize conduits and report on them in a files that is supported in any text editor like WordPad. However, you need to set up Support Files first.  Todd Schmoock, Solutions Engineer, walks you through how […]

Training Outside of the Box (or Book)

December 18, 2012

Simply put, your company’s success can live or die by the training it gets. Or the training they do not receive. Autodesk relies on its ATC’s (Authorized Training Centers). Your ATC is here to support you and your training needs. However, not all needs are created equal. This is where you need to think outside […]

Happy Friday Tip 2: Publish Multi-Sheet Project Files in AutoCAD Electrical

December 14, 2012

Welcome back for another tip for AutoCAD Electrical!  This Friday Todd Schmoock is sharing information on publishing multi-sheet project files. Want to publish certain information to vendors or contractors, but not all?  Todd walks through step by step how to publish, all or some of your information to .dwg or .pdf files. See tip 2 […]

Happy Friday Tip 1: Inputs and Outputs in AutoCAD Electrical

December 7, 2012

Every Friday in December we will be posting some tips on AutoCAD Electrical.  Todd Schmoock, Solutions Engineer and AU speaker, is in the field answering client questions face-to-face each day.  Then he takes the time to write out the most popular answers to help more people find information.  It’s just one more way that we […]

Autodesk Donates for your Free Registration: Engineers without Borders USA

December 6, 2012

Autodesk is teaming with the non-profit organization, Engineers Without Borders which is dubbed, ‘The Blueprint Brigade” by Time magazine.  The organization consists of over 12,000 members and supports more than 400 projects across the world to meet the basic human needs in communities that live below poverty or have been devastated.[wpvideo 8hCIDt8Y] And you can […]

Beyond the Essentials

December 3, 2012

When a business decides on a software, they usually send some of their staff to ‘Essentials” training.  This is a great step, afterall, they have made an investment and getting initial training is important to better utilize the software and get the maximum value of your investment. If you have been to an Essentials course, […]

Autodesk Labs: Process Sim Technology Preview

November 30, 2012

Autodesk Labs  is the place to go when you want to try free technology previews to stimulate new ideas and look at tomorrow’s reality today.  The projects are free downloads and you can preview as many as you like.  If you try them, give back constructive feedback so they can make the technology more user-friendly and incorporate your ideas.  This is […]