Autodesk Nastran In-CAD: CAD embedded FEA Software

May 15, 2015

Use advanced mechanical simulation directly in your CAD system with the industry-trusted Autodesk Nastran solver. This 3D CAD-embedded tool brings powerful benefits to your product development process. Advanced analysis: allowing for innovation, better quality, lower costs, and minimal field failure Ease of use for Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks Users: embedded advanced FEA technology directly into […]

[Event]: Autodesk Inventor HSM CAD/CAM for Inventor and Solidworks Users

May 14, 2015

Are you still programming at your machine? Are you losing time by manually entering G-Code? Are you unable to simulate the performance of your toolpath? Join us for a happy hour to learn about the benefits of Inventor HSM. Autodesk Inventor HSM integrates with Inventor and Solidworks allowing for a seamless workflow between your design […]

Better products. Better ways to buy.

May 13, 2015

The way you buy your software is changing. After January 31, 2016, new perpetual licenses of most individual Autodesk® software will no longer be available for purchase.  Here’s what it looks like. What does this mean for you? You can continue to use your perpetual licenses going forward, and you’ll receive ongoing updates when you […]

Synergis University 2015: 5 Reasons You Can't Miss It

May 12, 2015

Each year, over 200 attendees join us at Synergis University, the region’s largest Autodesk event aimed at bringing you information to help you stay ahead of the competition. Here are some of the reasons attendees return each year: The ability to tailor the day to specific individual or business goals. With three separate industry tracks, […]

Take advantage of the opportunity to get Inventor In-house

May 8, 2015

Autodesk just made it easier to get Inventor technology in-house. This week Autodesk announced that Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Inventor Professional, and Autodesk Inventor LT products are now available as Desktop Subscription. What does this mean for you? You can now take advantage of Inventor’s design capabilities with a lower cost entry and still experience the […]

Autodesk Fusion 360: The New Kid on the Block

May 6, 2015

Posted on May 6, 2015 by Mark Lancaster, Synergis Product Support Specialist: When you were a kid growing up, did your family have to move because of a new opportunity? Was the transition easy for you? Sometimes being the new kid on the block is not an easy thing to cope with. Today I want […]

AnyCAD – The CAD Interoperability Solution

May 4, 2015

With the release of Inventor 2016, Autodesk introduced AnyCAD. This CAD interoperability solution allows for direct translation of non-native CAD files. AnyCAD is provided as a core functionality to the Autodesk Inventor 2016 release and has seemless integration with Autodesk Vault for PDM. How does AnyCAD technology help you? Easier collaboration with customers, suppliers, and partners […]

[Event] The CAM Solution integrated with Autodesk Inventor

April 30, 2015

Transform your designs into high quality finished parts with Autodesk Inventor HSM CAD/CAM. If you still manually program your G-code or have an old CAM system, let us show you how to simplify processes, deliver better data to the shop, and increase throughput with integrated advanced CAM software and CNC programming. HSM CAM tools help […]

Webcast Recording: What’s New in AutoCAD 2016?

April 29, 2015

In April, the Autodesk 2016 products were released. Our first ‘What’s New’ webcast was AutoCAD 2016?  Jim Law, Synergis Applications Consultant, presented all the new enhancements to AutoCAD and how to use each one. Some of the features and enhancements he covers: text wrapping updates to the revisions cloud Geometric Center Object Snap DIM Command […]

Webcast: Better Simulation and Design with Autodesk Nastran In-CAD

April 24, 2015

Leverage the advanced Finite Element Analysis capabilities of Autodesk Nastran In-CAD directly inside Autodesk Inventor to test multiple variables and prevent costly machine failure. Identify flaws upfront in the design process and send your efficiency through the roof. Date: April 28, 2015 Time: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EDT Register.