Pack and Go: Autodesk Inventor Files

October 16, 2012

How to avoid the “Resolve Link” dialog box when sharing data outside your network. Often the need arises to send our Inventor Data to someone outside our network: to vendors, customers, or even to Synergis and Autodesk support.  Autodesk Inventor files are structured in a Parent/Child relationship that must be maintained in order to work […]

BIM – It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3

October 9, 2012

Posted October 9, 2012 by Jesse Evans, Synergis Civil Solutions Engineer: Here’s the important straight-forward facts about BIM (Building Information Modeling), Autodesk, and Synergis Engineering Design Solutions. First, BIM is not only for Architects or designing buildings, BIM is a modeling concept, and it’s what our instructors teach at Synergis 365 days a year. Rearranging […]

Parcel Ownership for Oil & Gas Pipelines, Part 2

October 4, 2012

To pickup where we left off, let’s review what we have in the drawing. The missing part is the parcel information in the data band between the “property lines.” To do this, we have two options, one would be to just create hard text that would require re-positioning whenever the alignment moved or use a […]

Parcel Ownership for Oil & Gas Pipelines, Part 1

October 2, 2012

Living in Pennsylvania, the Marcellus Shale has had a positive business impact on firms in and around the area. With that, the Oil & Gas industry has brought a new way of creating design documentation than we have been accustomed to doing in the past. For instance, the pipeline will stretch many miles and cross […]

Don’t take my license! Controlling Autodesk Suite licenses with an Options File.

September 26, 2012

For this entry, we’re going to provide you with a guaranteed way of reserving your licenses. In the past users struggled with the building options file to control their licenses. In this instance, we’ll discuss the use of SIGN for reserving suite licenses. SIGN is a character set within the license which is unique to a given […]

Vault Apps for Free!

September 21, 2012

A quick note for everyone. First, if you are unaware, Autodesk has something called Autodesk Exchange Apps; very similar to the Google Play store or iTunes store.  The major difference, of course,  is that the apps in this store all relate to Autodesk applications. The cool part is that there are apps for the products […]

Turn it Up! How to get the most from your training…

September 18, 2012

Since this is my first blog, I wanted it be sure to kick it off with a topic I thought you’d all be interested in: Training.  Maybe because it’s now the middle of September, I don’t know, but when I thought about writing my first blog I was suddenly having flashbacks to the obligatory grade […]

Hey You Cub Scout Parents and Teachers!

September 10, 2012

Several years ago I was a leader in my son’s Cub Scout pack. I wanted to try to show the boys in my son’s den the fun I had as an engineer, so I brought my computer to a meeting and we spent the evening drawing shapes for Pine Wood Derby cars. ( I guess […]

Introducing Autodesk Revit LT® 2013

September 6, 2012

Ease into Building Information Modeling Autodesk Revit LT® will soon be available for purchase in North America.  Revit LT is built on the Revit platform and includes many of the features in the full version, for a lower price and a simpler interface, making it perfect for smaller businesses that want to embrace BIM and […]

Got Templates?

September 4, 2012

In my 20 years of supporting and training Autodesk products the one thing I have noticed and wondered about the most is “How do they survive without good templates?” It amazes me how companies can be profitable or efficient without them. OR maybe they have some form of a template but it is really useless! […]