How to Create, Edit and Manage AutoCAD Blocks

July 23, 2013

Posted July 23, 2013 by Jim Law, Synergis Project Manager for Building, Civil and Engineering: On our Helpdesk, we are often getting questions about AutoCAD Blocks.  I created videos a couple years back to help our clients understand creating, editing and managing blocks and the videos still apply today, so I am posting these here. […]

Direct All Autodesk Applications to New Server for Obtaining Licenses

July 16, 2013

Posted July 16, 2013 by Darin Green, Lead Helpdesk Technician: Autodesk Network licensing is the preferred method for network environments. With network licensing users will not need to activate each Autodesk application on every machine to obtain licenses. To use network licenses, you must set up one or more license managers and obtain product licenses for them. […]

Removing Problem Printer Settings and Print Styles in AutoCAD

June 27, 2013

Posted on June 27, 2013 from the Synergis library of tips, tricks and whitepapers: tips, tricks and whitepapers: You can use the AutoCAD e-transmit feature to remove problem printer setups and plot styles, as well as some problems with links external files. The Workflow for Using the eTransmit function is as follows: Go to the application menu, […]

Linking Dimensions and Parametric Values into Excel: AutoCAD

June 26, 2013

Posted on June 26, 2013 by Darin Green, Synergis Lead Helpdesk Technician: Being able to link measurement values to Microsoft® Excel® has always been a challenge for AutoCAD users. Earlier versions of AutoCAD (2005, 2006, and 2007) require users to import the Excel file as an OLE object. Those OLE objects were nothing more than […]

Your Autodesk Training Should Come From An Autodesk Certified Instructor – Here's Why

June 24, 2013

Autodesk Certified Instructors (ACI) program provides instructors with the highest level of standards for teaching Autodesk products. The cornerstone of the Autodesk Professional Excellence Program, ACI raises the bar by providing premier coaching, mentoring, evaluation, and accreditation services to ensure that only the most highly qualified instructors teach Autodesk software. Synergis has six Autodesk Certified […]

Adding Basic Troubleshooting Tools to Your Ribbon

June 21, 2013

Posted on June 21, 2013 by Darin Green, Synergis Lead Helpdesk Technician: When AutoCAD drawings are corrupt we tend to forget the commands used to troubleshoot common issues. Our first thought is to RECOVER the drawing, which runs a low level Audit and tries to open the drawing. Second thought is AUDIT, which is a high […]

Help! My Products Are Expiring Soon…

May 31, 2013

Posted May 31, 2013 by Darin Green, Synergis Helpdesk Solutions Engineer: Prior to the release of Autodesk 2012 products, Autodesk provided license files and activation codes that didn’t have an expiration date. The license would display “Permanent” for expiration date.    Once Autodesk released their 2012 products, they also incorporated an expiration date tied to the contract […]

How to Print a Layer List in AutoCAD

May 22, 2013

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Bill McKown, Synergis Solutions Engineer: Something happened to me yesterday… I was asked by a user:  How can I print layers out so I can see all my layer names and what is on/off and frozen/thawed.  My first reaction was like: Oh I have an old LISP routine that […]

Autodesk InfraWorks – Create the Future Now

May 20, 2013

Posted on May 20, 2013 by Jesse Evans, Synergis Civil Solutions Engineer: Introduction InfraWorks is a tool for winning proposals, graphically telling a story, and start to understand design complications before the actual engineering begins. It uses the same data types that can be imported (or exported) into Civil 3D or Map3D. So, as you […]

Synergis University 2013 – Free Passes and New Sessions…

May 17, 2013

You can still win a pair of passes to SU13! If you want to attend Synergis Univeristy on June 5th for free, you can go to our Facebook page now and enter to win 2 passes for you and a colleague.  Don’t worry, if you already paid and are the winner, you can pass your […]