EDC Systems implements AutoCAD Electrical with the Help of Synergis Engineering Design Solutions

Company Background

EDC Systems, one of Electronic Drives and Controls, Inc. business units, is a full service systems integrator located in Parsippany, NJ. This family owned business was founded in 1968 by Henry Dillard Jr., selling variable drives out of the back of his car, and has grown to be a multi-million dollar business.

Customer service has been the primary goal of EDC Systems. Over three quarters of EDC Systems business is repeat customers; a testament to this focus.

Today, EDC Systems’ drives can be found in many industrial manufacturing drive applications. Additionally, the company has expanded to work with process controls such as temperature, water level and dozens of other controlled process variables.

EDC Systems are designed and built with quality control check points throughout the process. All systems are fully tested before leaving the factory. This ensures the products coming out of their facility can be commissioned quickly and work as needed by the customer.

The Challenge

EDC Systems had been leveraging a competitive engineering design solution in conjunction with AutoCAD. With a lifetime of parts developed within the system, stepping to a new solution was met with reluctance as all the current parts would need to be recreated. When it was announced that there would be significant changes taking place in their current design applications, requiring the recreation of parts to stay with their current solution, Chuck Dillard, EDC Systems V.P., decided it was time to take a look at alternatives.

During a Rockwell Automation Event, Chuck saw Autodesk solutions on display. At this time, EDC Systems encountered a customer looking for a job to be designed in AutoCAD Electrical. This got the ball rolling at EDC Systems to invest in Autodesk solutions as their main design tool.

The Solution

With the wide acceptance and use of AutoCAD, Chuck and his team turned to Synergis Engineering Design Solutions, a Platinum tier partner with Autodesk to learn more about the products. After conversations and product demonstrations, EDC Systems began the process of transitioning. Since the team was already familiar with AutoCAD, an implementation and training plan was developed to quickly get them up and running with AutoCAD Electrical.

“Formal training is key when it comes to implementing new software,” said Chuck. “Without this we wouldn’t be able to fully leverage our investment in the new tools, and getting up to speed would be slow and painful.”

The Result

EDC Systems is reaping the rewards of successfully implementing and being trained with their AutoCAD Electrical software. Having wanted to switch engineering software to an Autodesk solution, the opportunity presented itself. The efficiency of the solution is enabling them to get jobs done in less time.

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