Custom Vault User Training Improves Workflows and Saves Time, Money for Eriez

Company Background

The “World Authority in Separation Technologies” since 1942, Eriez designs and manufactures separation, metal detection and material handling equipment for processing industries, including aggregate, chemical, coal, pharmaceutical and more. Since its beginnings, the company has grown worldwide, expanding to a half-million square feet and nearly 1,000 employees.

Headquartered in Erie, PA, Eriez manufactures equipment for more than 80 process and metalworking industries.

As a Synergis customer, Erie utilizes multiple Autodesk solutions like Vault, Product Design and Manufacturing Collection, and AutoCAD.

The Business Challenge

Eriez Manufacturing had a need for a local partner that could provide the technical capabilities and training to enable them to complete projects faster with minimal downtime, and provide technical support for the software they use.  Their “Engineering Software Administrators” group expanded in size, and Eriez realized they needed a fresh start for the team, which began with custom Autodesk Vault training with Synergis.

Eriez needed to get the large team up and running quickly and efficiently with minimal time spent away from their projects.

The Solution

Synergis worked closely with Eriez to develop a completely customized curriculum around what was most important for Eriez’s business outcomes and project goals.  Synergis was able to uncover additional training needs and help the team understand complimentary topics and knowledge to take with them after training was completed. To save time and eliminate travel for the large team, Synergis delivered training on-site at Eriez.

The Result

After training was completed, Eriez streamlined their workflow, giving them mre people available and additional free time to address “in-house” technical issues and eliminate costly project roadblocks. Additionally, existing workflow and process deficiencies were discovered during training that gave Eriez invaluable data for future customization and services to add additional functionality to their software for the future.

Those who attended the training felt it “was an exceptional experience that made an immediate impact.”

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