BIM 360 Docs Update

August 28, 2017

If you haven’t checked out the BIM 360 Docs Release Notes recently, lots has been happening: As of last week, a new version of the iOS app is now available, with support for private and published markups, improved hyperlink capabilities, and usability improvements. Last month, BIM 360 Docs updates include support locking and unlocking drawings, models, […]

AutoCAD tools you can use in AutoCAD Electrical part 1

August 24, 2017

Posted on August 24, 2017 by Synergis’ Application Consultant, Todd Schmoock AutoCAD Electrical ships with tools specifically designed for the controls industry so if there is an AutoCAD Electrical tool you should use that tool before using an AutoCAD tool.  The biggest reason for this is due to drawing and project updates that are programmed into […]

Webcast Recording: Working with Level of Details (LODS) and View Representation

August 23, 2017

A question we often hear, should I be using Level of Details in my model or can I accomplish the same by using View Representations.  Learn how they should be used as Synergis’ Mark Lancaster takes you through working with LODS and View Representations. Part 1 LODs Watch now. Part 2 View Representations Watch now.

How Technology-Enabled Collaboration Will Streamline Engineering Economics

August 21, 2017

The work of fabrication companies forms the backbone of stadiums, skyscrapers, and cities. But the real challenge these businesses face isn’t just creating and installing the puzzle pieces of these increasingly complex designs. It’s also managing the peaks and valleys of multiple projects with factory throughput to maximize cash flow and streamline engineering economics. Disruptions […]

Site Scan: Inspect Mode

August 18, 2017

Site Scan’s Inspect Mode is the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way to capture what matters to your business. With Inspect Mode, capture high-resolution, geotagged photos of critical infrastructure and assets. It enables you to fly your Site Scan unit manually, using a telephoto lens on our 20.1 megapixel Sony R10C camera, the best camera […]

Video: New sheet metal package just added to Fusion 360

August 18, 2017

The Fusion team has just completed a major update that includes a very requested addition of Sheet Metal. This video highlights a few aspects of this new addition.

Video Tip: Fusion 360 – Standard Parts Library

August 8, 2017

Posted on August 8, 2017 by Synergis Manufacturing Applications Consultant, Dave Breiner Did you know by using your Inventor iLogic standard parts or Inventor Content Center, you can use these custom parts to create a Fusion 360 library of standard parts that you can use over and over? Learn how in this video.

The Future of Construction Innovation

August 4, 2017

Interested in what’s in store for construction innovation? So are we! The advent of exciting new technologies, like 3D printing, infinite computing, robotics, drones, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning, is driving a massive change in how we build things. As disruptive technologies, they will break and remake business models, reshape definitions of value […]

Webcast Recording: Getting up and running with Subscription

August 2, 2017

If you weren’t able to join us for our Getting up and running with Subscription webcast, view the recording now.  Questions? Connect with us.

What’s new in Autodesk Vault 2018

August 1, 2017

Posted on August 1, 2017 by Synergis Vault Application Specialist, Joe Corson The Autodesk release of the new Vault 2018 software is astounding! The new Vault features inside the client and inside your CAD software are the best new features I have seen in many years. Automating PDF creation on release of files, batch plotting improvements, multiple CAD […]