In a Word? People.

“It’s how our employees treat you and take care of you that forms the basis of your experience with our company. By putting the interests of our customers first, and by anticipating their needs and wants, we can provide for an exceptional experience.”– Kristen Tomasic, President, Synergis Technologies

At Synergis, we have the knowledge, the technical expertise, and the services and world-class technology you need to succeed. But in addition to our combined 330 years of industry experience and top-notch technology, we have a passion about our work that enables us to connect with customers and build a true partnership that ensures your continued success and growth in your industry.

At Synergis, we have 13 core values that guide us in our daily interactions.

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What our Clients are Saying

“You can’t buy passion, which is what everyone at Synergis has when it comes to Autodesk products and the service to us, the customers.”

Bill Henry, First Quality Products, Inc.
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