35 Years of Keeping You Ahead

Back in 1985, when Synergis was incorporated, we became one of the first Autodesk resellers in the country, and sold our first copy of AutoCAD 2.0.  Just five years later, we were recognized by Autodesk for Outstanding Achievement.

Since then, we’ve made it our mission to consistently pursue growth and be an Architect for Innovation and Change. We’ve become an Autodesk Inventor Certified Partner, were awarded Autodesk Platinum Club, and have earned numerous technical certifications, all from spending the past 35 years doing what we love – helping our customers grow and achieve in their own industries by implementing solutions to capture, create, manage, share and leverage their engineering data.

Here’s a look at where the past 35 years have brought us:

Autodesk Partner for 35 Years


330 Years of combined Industry experience

Average employee tenure of 10 Years


30 + Autodesk Certifications

AEC Customers: 3700


2400 MFG Customers

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