January 22, 2024

Stop wasting valuable resources – accelerate your processes with Product Lifecycle Management.

In a world of finite resources, manufacturers need to do more with less – less labor, less money, and fewer resources. An effective and modern approach to data and process management is critical to business success. You need to deploy technology to manage the lifecycle of your products and help to capture, process, and communicate product knowledge across your organization.

Cloud PLM brings data and process management capabilities to your organization, connecting your product lifecycle end to end. Automation eliminates the delays of working manually and exponentially accelerates product development across all processes and departments.

In this report developed by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Autodesk, learn how PLM helps organizations like yours digitize their processes and build accountability and traceability across their entire product development process.

Report Highlights:

  • Many organizations are relying on manual processes and outdated systems, such as local file drives and email, to manage all the information and processes associated with each stage of the product lifecycle
  • In today’s highly competitive landscape, PLM must do more than simply manage the design and engineering data contained within CAD files
  • Today’s cloud-based PLM technology can document, track, and review everything needed to build a product, provide global supply chain collaboration, and ensure quality control

Click the image below to download the full report.


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