December 29, 2022

Autodesk has released the newest version of Autodesk Desktop Connector for the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

This newest version has yet to be published to the downloads page of the Autodesk account at The version published here is still 15.8.

The only place known to access this 16.0 update is from the link below:

You’ll find the download link in the Install Walkthrough of the above Autodesk Knowledge article.

We are excited for the new update as Autodesk has made some pretty significant changes that should help remedy the issues of past versions and streamline the ACC workflow.

If you plan to update to the 16.0 version of Autodesk Desktop Connector, it is recommended that all users update to 16.0 as well. There are some minor compatibility issues between version 16.0 and prior 15.x versions.

I hope this article will help you get ahead of the curve with Autodesk Desktop Connector 16.0. The experience we’ve had with it has been pleasant, and the performance is certainly greater than that of the 15.x versions.