December 15, 2022

Check out the YouTube videos our viewers loved most in 2022!

The goal of our YouTube Channel is to help you get the most out of your software and workflows with tips, tricks, webinars, and more! This year, viewers spent over 12,000 hours on our channel, watching our videos more than 180,000 times!

Watch the videos our viewers had on repeat this year, and if you haven’t yet, subscribe to our channel HERE so you don’t miss a thing in 2023 – we have a lot of great content coming your way!

#5 – AutoCAD Block Attribute Data Extraction Tool

Data Extraction can be used to mine information from a drawing, or a group of drawings, and put the data into a spreadsheet or AutoCAD table. The information can be text from block attributes, coordinates and layers of objects, or a host of other properties. Learn how to use this tool for door and window schedules, simple Bills of Materials, point locations, and more.

#4 – Autodesk Account: Activating Your Software

Learn how to get the most out of your AutoCAD Account in this 7 part series! This video looks at the different types of activation of your Autodesk software.

#3 – Subtracting Solids in Autodesk Inventor

Learn a method of removing material of a part in an assembly using the outside surface of a mating part in Autodesk Inventor.

#2 – Find me the Shortest Route: Revit MEP Piping

Piping in Revit can be a daunting task if you don’t have your pipe settings established before you start your project. But these tips & tricks will help you be more efficient and productive when it comes to piing layouts.

#1 – Fusion 360 Sheet Metal Bend Feature

Take a look at the Fusion 360 Sheet Metal Bend feature and learn to import an existing .DXF flat pattern and use it to create the shape and bends of a bracket.