December 2, 2022

Improve the reliability of smart products with PCB electromagnetic analysis.

The brand new Autodesk Fusion 360 Signal Integrity Extension enables designers to analyze their PCB electromagnetic performance. With simple configuration, engineers can select any signal of interest for analysis that allows them to make design updates and mitigate signal impedance mismatches or coupled geometries issues.

Being able to quickly see the effect of design changes, engineers can improve their design’s performance and compliance, speed up the development cycle, and reduce the costs associated with physical testing.

Key Capabilities:

Impedance Matching

Manage and control the impedance for every critical signal (transmission line) throughout your board for a distortion-free and optimal high speed design performance.

Signal Insights

Analyze your design signals to inspect parameters that characterize high speed design such as signal delays, trace length, impedance, and coupling.

Integrated Material Library

Define the most accurate board stack with access to a large library of materials for a realistic analysis of your design’s transmission lines structures.

On-Demand Analysis

Modify the layers stack composition, signal path width, or coupling spacing and re-run the simulation for an immediate on-demand feedback analysis.

User Selectable Target Signals

Select the most critical signals of interest within your board for fast analysis that include all the geometries adjacent to those signal paths.

Virtual Prototyping

Simulate your design impedance and coupling performances in teh design phase and before manufacturing to reduce physical prototyping and EMI/EMC testing and improve your product reliability.

The Signal Integrity Extension can be enabled in Fusion 360, and can help you create compliant smart products, lower development cost, and help you get your products to market faster! You can learn more about the new extension HERE.