October 11, 2022

ADSSO (Autodesk Single Sign-on) component update, not seen in Autodesk Desktop App as able to be updated. This issue is causing the ADSSO to become outdated, or not installed at all, thus failing to allow users to license the product appropriately.


Multiple reports of users no longer being able to appropriately license their Autodesk Product. This issue is generally met with the inability to sign-in to the product, be presented with a log-in menu upon opening the product, and/or the sign-in menu is not available in the upper right-hand corner of the Autodesk product.

You may not receive an error at the time of opening your Autodesk product. However, many minutes later you may be met with an error explaining you can no longer access the software and it must be closed.

The main cause of the licensing issue seems to be related to Autodesk’s Desktop Application at the time, failing to visually present the ADSSO for an update or installation. Therefore, users are not made aware of this installer’s availability, users cannot see or install the update from the Autodesk Desktop App at all.

Users experiencing these issues should not be relying on the Autodesk Desktop Application to present them with this needed update. Thus, users should be attempting to install the ADDSO update from the link below, following the directions in the “Option2: Use the installer attached to this article” heading of the article. This solution has resolved all issues presenting these symptoms previously.

Follow this link to ADSSO Update and Procedure: