March 15, 2022

“Work hard, create value for your clients, and smile.”

This month’s employee spotlight is on Tina Dentner, Account Manager, and one of the newest team members on our Manufacturing Solutions team in our Engineering Design Solutions Division. Tina joined Synergis just eight months ago, and her responsibilities include supporting current and future manufacturing customers and helping them achieve their goals. In the short time she’s been with us, Tina has proven herself to be true professional and has tackled every “new industry” challenge head-on.  When asked what Tina enjoys most about working at Synergis, she shared this: “I have been having so much fun learning a completely new industry, while using my account management skills to help connect our customers with solutions. Being part of a team that holds the same ideas about how to treat customers right is amazing.”

Tina is discovering that customers choose Synergis due to our “rock star technical team” who is willing to share their expertise and knowledge with others.  She enjoys representing a fine group of experts and offering their services to her clients.  One of Tina’s customers recently told her about an employee who “got more out of a four-hour training class at Synergis than they got through several years of formal schooling.”  She’s proud and excited to work with our technical team who has been patiently educating her on all the Autodesk solutions and our services offerings.

For Tina, there is nothing better than that first quiet cup of coffee in the morning to start the day.

She and her husband, Mike, have 22-year-old twins, Clare and Reid, who will be completing their undergraduate studies this year.  Tina is a proud Nazareth Blue Eagle and Penn State Nittany Lion.  When she’s not working, enjoying her coffee, or baking, she loves spending time with family and friends.  After years of following the kid’s sports and activities, Tina and Mike are branching out and visiting friends, sampling new restaurants, and contemplating more travel as we come out of the pandemic.

A cause close to Tina’s heart is donating regularly to Red Cross Blood Drives. She estimates that over the years, she has donated approximately six gallons of blood. Tina tells us that her mom is behind her inspiration and that the Red Cross is an easy cause to support and one that benefits many.

When asked about our Synergis Family Values, Tina shared that she has been embracing #10… Celebrate Your Mistakes. Tina believes that “learning happens through mistakes and the world keeps spinning”.  Finally, when asked what her favorite quote is, Tina quoted her husband, Mike, “work hard, create value for your clients, and smile.”   We’re especially pleased to have Tina’s smile representing Synergis!

By: Kristen Tomasic, President, Synergis Technologies, LLC.

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