February 22, 2022

Take the Shot!

David joined Synergis 2.5 years ago and currently serves as an Application Consultant and Innovation & Development Strategist. In this role, David works with our manufacturing clients on specific projects, and when he’s not with clients, is responsible for developing innovative new offerings like a customer web portal to support Synergis customers. Since joining Synergis, David has proven his unique ability to innovate and push the limits of software, methodology, processes, and ideas. He uses innovation to deliver results for customers to truly make the most of their workday, and to deliver valuable applications that lead to successful outcomes. One such application is extending the value of Autodesk’s Vault platform, which is due to release in the coming months.

In his current role, there’s only one thing that’s constant in David’s daily work life, and that’s coffee! Here’s what he had to say about his typical workday:

“I’ll start off the morning making a black coffee (I love coffee), then I’ll check e mails and answer what I can. I’ll drink more coffee as I dive into e mails and chat with whoever needs help, doing my best to assist them. Next, I’ll make more coffee. If I have a training day scheduled, I’ll log into our learning platform to engage with my students and teach the class, all while sipping my coffee. If I’m not in a training session, I’ll either be performing remote Vault projects or working on our Innovation & Development initiative, where my passion lives. I’ll usually end the day setting up another pot of coffee for the next morning.”

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Synergis, David said:

“Synergis is like a family, and everyone truly cares about your professional and personal life. Since being with Synergis, it feels as there is always a drive to build your career, honor your family values, and promote interests to keep a healthy work and family balance.

“And it’s not just other employees who feel like family, it is customers, too. I used to be a customer of Synergis, so I have first-hand experience. Synergis delivers a personal and dedicated relationship with it’s customers and potential clients. We have awesome employees that have an amazing balance of knowledge and forward thinking ideas. I truly believe we strive to get things right and go above and beyond for our clients. We treat them like family, too.”

David graduated from Philadelphia University (now Jefferson University) with a BS in Industrial Design, and now lives in central PA with his wife, Crystal, and their two children, Easton (12), and Clementine (9), and their black lab, Ranger. In his spare time, David loves to coach Easton in baseball and watch Clementine in her equestrian endeavors. If his kids love something, then he gets the most joy out of giving them the opportunity to do it. He truly enjoys spending time with his family, whether it’s on a family road trip or cruise. It’s his wife and kids who keep life interesting!

Finally, David’s favorite quote is from Wayne Gretzky – “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” David believes that if you don’t take a shot at something you want, you’ll never realize your dreams. Too many people always say “…they wished they had done this and that,” but his advice is not to live your life in the past. Take the chance when it comes – it might be the only one you get!

By: Kristen Tomasic, President, Synergis Technologies, LLC.

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