February 16, 2022

End to end workflows from AutoCAD to the Autodesk Construction Cloud provide project teams with the visibility and context they need to deliver high quality designs.

The connected tools in the Autodesk Construction Cloud gives teams the right tools to deliver quality projects, faster. And if your team is currently working in AutoCAD, you can easily add a cloud based, common data environment like Autodesk Docs to your workflow to capture change and prevent unnecessary risk.


If you’re using AutoCAD without a connected document management solution, you might be familiar with some of these common issues that arise throughout the project lifecycle – but simply adding Autodesk Docs can dramatically decrease the risk of errors by eliminating tedious, manual tasks, and keeping your data up to date and centralized.

How do you share project information, including AutoCAD drawings, internally, externally, and with teams on site?

Before Autodesk Docs:

  • DWGS are shared via e mail, but versions get lost, communication flow isn’t traceable & its difficult to follow up
  • Edits on DWGs aren’t viewable
  • Inconsistent file naming & lack of metadata

After Autodesk Docs:

  • Everyone works in a common data environment where links to DWGs & other documents are shared
  • Everyone has access to the most up to date drawings & edits
  • AutoCAD drawings have all the metadata that uniquely defines content so everyone finds what they’re looking for without losing any time

How do you know everyone is looking at the correct information?

Before Autodesk Docs:

  • DWGs need to be converted to PDFs or printed on paper to be shared with stakeholders without access to AutoCAD
  • You may need to install, learn, and maintain separate viewers, taking up a lot of time and risking errors through the project
  • Drawing intelligence is unavailable in PDFs or printouts, leading to design misinterpretation and errors

After Autodesk Docs:

  • All stakeholders can immediately view AutoCAD drawings with the integrated viewer that supports over 50 formats
  • No need for tedious, time-consuming PDF conversions
  • Everyone works within the AutoCAD structure and layers to focus on the information they need to avoid misinterpretation and downstream errors

How do you control approvals and statuses of AutoCAD drawings, documents, RFIs and other project data?

Before Autodesk Docs:

  • Difficult to maintain and track different versions and revisions so you cant see what has been changed in the most up to date AutoCAD drawing
  • Non-integrated approval processes means information must be manually forwarded to others making it difficult to keep a complete overview of project progress

After Autodesk Docs:

  • Automatic management of document versions & access to version history of every document
  • Clarity into which information has been approved and can be used to avoid delays & construction errors


Autodesk Docs is just one of the purpose-built tools in the Autodesk Construction Cloud that can streamline your processes and connect your workflows. Reach out to us for more information on the other powerful tools that are part of the platform, like BIM Collaborate Pro. Just fill out the form below and we’ll help you evaluate your current processes to see which Construction Cloud solutions will work best for you!