January 20, 2022

33 quick and easy tips & tricks to help save time and boost productivity.

If you’re looking for ways to make your design life a little easier and speed up your workflow, AutoCAD has tons of quick tricks to create shortcuts, easily modify objects, and share your work with the rest of your team. Here are just a few that really help speed up the design process by eliminating repetitive work, and make collaboration with your team easy.

Match Properties

Easily copy properties from one object to another using the Match Properties function.

Simply Click the Home tab > Properties Panel > Match Properties, or just type MATCHPROP into the command line. Then select the source object from which you want to copy, and select the target objects to which you want to copy the properties. Press enter and you’re done! You can even specify what properties you want matched in the Property Settings dialog box.

DWG Compare

Never worry about missing changes in your design again! With DWG Compare, you can identify graphical differences between two revisions of any drawing. Quickly view changes, see clashes, review constructability and more. Start a DWG comparison in the Collaborate Tab on the Ribbon, or type COMPARE into the command line.

Shared Views

Avoid the cumbersome workflow of publishing and emailing designs via DWF or PDF files. With Shared Views, you can share designs within or outside your company without releasing your original DWF files. Instead of a PDF,  share a link that can be viewed or commented on from any internet browser. Comments made by collaborators appear right back in your AutoCAD desktop product.

You can access the Shared Views feature from AutoCAD’s Application menu, under Publish.

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