January 18, 2022

Get more advanced capabilities for complex modeling and powerful simulation.

Autodesk Fusion 360 now has more advanced design and manufacturing capabilities than ever with the introduction of two brand new extensions – the Product Design Extension, and the Simulation Extension.

Simulation Extension

The Fusion 360 Simulation Extension is an assortment of Simulation study types to aid you in investigating if your design can be manufactured, or how it may perform under real-life conditions to help minimize design-related delays.

What you get with the Fusion 360 Simulation Extension:

  • Diverse simulation capabilities: simulate what you need, when you need, with access to advanced finite element analysis (FEA) simulation tools.
  • Injection Molding manufacturability: Design plastic parts with moldability and part quality insights.
  • Versioned simulation: Track changes as part designs are modified.
  • Connected workflows: Unlock collaboration flexibility without the need of import/export of results.

Product Design Extension

The Product Design Extension is a collection of advanced design tools that enable an automated approach to creating complex product designs. It includes intelligent feature settings and guidance that will improve product performance and prepare your design for manufacturing. You can focus more time on the function and aesthetics of your product with specialized tools that increase modeling efficiency and editing capabilities.

What you get with the Product Design Extension:

  • Complex modeling: Unlock toolsets that enable design innovation
  • Automated tools: Focus more time on design with access to specialized tools for your industry
  • Intelligent design: Discover more possibilities for improving product performance
  • Manufacturing aware: Improve your product development process with manufacturing guidance

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Want to see these extensions in action? Click the image below to register for our upcoming  live webinar that will show you how to utilize them for better plastic part design.