December 1, 2021

Free eBook – Fuel collaboration with a single source of truth integrated into your workflow.

Since the pandemic took its toll on global supply chains, product design and manufacturing has had to re-think stakeholder communication and adapt to the “new normal.” Many of the industry’s obstacles have been magnified by recent events, like the pressures being felt throughout the entire supply chain.

Addressing these challenges, whether long standing or recently emerging, can really only be achieved by re-inventing the way we work, and a key part of that is working in tandem with external collaborators with one single source of truth.

With an effective product lifecycle management system, like Upchain, you’ll be able to overcome barriers, connect stakeholders, and break down information silos.

Click on the image below and download the free eBook to learn how you can keep every project stakeholder up to date with the most recent data. Its easy to keep everyone connected with Upchain – work with a familiar interface, plan with job-specific, real time data, and keep collaborators aligned with individualized dashboards.

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