November 15, 2021

Autodesk Premium and Enterprise admins can save time by automating user management and product assignments.

Autodesk premium plans are designed to help medium to large-sized businesses that manage 50 or more subscriptions operate more efficiently; upgrading to Premium gives you additional administrative, security, and reporting benefits.

On November 8, 2021, Autodesk released Directory Sync, a new feature that connects your organization’s directory with Autodesk’s user management platform to automate group and product assignments.

Quickly and automatically manage your Autodesk users

User invites, removals, and product assignments can now be fully automated. You can easily create and manage groups directly through your user directory, and see the changes automatically synced to your team in your Autodesk Account.

  • Groups allow you to organize and assign products to multiple people at one time
  • Instead of assigning your users to products one-by-one, you can organize them into groups and manage them by role

In the example below, users added to an “Engineers” group are automatically assigned access to AutoCAD and Civil 3D when they’re added to the group.

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on managing groups in Autodesk Account

How to set up Directory Sync:

Setting up directory sync is easy! The first step is making sure your organization/team has single sign-on enabled. If you haven’t enabled SSO yet, CLICK HERE to follow the simple steps.

Next, connect your organizations directory to Autodesk Account, which can be done by Primary or SSO Admins. After that, all admins will be able to view synced groups, users, and even assign product permissions to synced groups.

CLICK HERE to learn more about using groups and teams in Autodesk Account to organize your users and subscriptions.


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