November 10, 2021

Create optimized and associative multi-sheet layouts for sheet metal and non-sheet metal parts with the nesting extension in Fusion 360.

Extend nesting and fabrication capabilities, including multi-sheet nesting, setups/toolpaths and NC code creation, customizable reports, and automatic detection of material, thickness, and part quantity.

Check out these tips & tricks that make using the Fusion 360 Nesting & Fabrication Extension easy!

With Intelligent Associativity, if you’ve just finished creating nests, but realized you need to tweak a part design, it’s no problem! Once a design change is made, only nests affected by those changes are marked out of date – a nesting algorithm automatically consumes any design changes, so you can offload repetitive tasks and free up your time.


Creating a Nesting Study in the extension is fast, easy, and flexible. The nesting algorithm will nest parts based on input parameters. Once your nests are ready, you can compare the nested results to get a configurable overview of key metrics, that helps with quoting jobs, and making purchasing decisions.


Get instant access to toolpath generation for a variety of CNC Machines, and start programming with easy to use toolpath options for milling and cutting applications. And when you’re ready to start production, you get a full library of fast, free, and fully customizable post-processors to get code to your machines.


Quickly filter parts to reduce overall model preparation time, gain easy access to standard materials, have greater control over nested results, and get insights into material usage and costs, all with the Model/Stock Preparation feature.