November 1, 2021

Add another dimension to your product development process with Autodesk Inventor and the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

For decades, AutoCAD has served design and engineering teams well. And, as the software has gotten better over time, so have you! So, why consider a change?

As product designs increase in complexity, the need for more agility and design in the development process requires a different, more connected modeling approach from start to finish. Here are the top 5 reasons you should take your models further with 3d Parametric Design and the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

1. Make your design process agile

Parametric 3d modeling allows for intent and relationships to be created between geometric features, leading to a significant reduction in time spent incorporating design changes. In fact, companies who made the switch reported they were able to make changes at least 50% faster than they were in 2D.

2. Better communicate your design

3d models provide a clearer understanding of what’s happening in your design, so issues and opportunities for improvement become more readily apparent. Plus, 3D models can be used to generate high-fidelity renderings and animations, so you can easily show your products off!

3. Automate product configuration

With the addition of parameters, rules can be defined to automatically configure products to customer specs, which reduces engineering time spent on configuration, and equips your sales team with the configurator to more rapidly respond to RFPs.

4. Streamline the transition from design to manufacturing

3D parametric modeling allows deliverables to be generated automatically and updated any time the model is changed, so you can bridge the gap between the design and production teams.

5. Test and analyze designs early.

Simulation tools integrated into the modeling environment provide the opportunity to test and analyze early and throughout the development process, with immediate feedback that allows you to easily modify the model to incorporate design enhancements. Design teams who have incorporated simulation into their design process have reported reducing their product costs by up to 30%!

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