October 13, 2021

Document efficiently. Connect and Collaborate. Boost Productivity.

The release of Revit 2022 in April delivered new features that represented over 8,000 votes on Revit Ideas. Now, with the release of Revit 2022.1, Autodesk is building on those new features, and delivering even more capabilities that make it easier to document your BIM workflows, and improve how Revit connects across products and project phases.

Check out some of the newest features and time saving tools to give you a huge productivity boost!

Enhanced Rebar Modeling & Detailing

Revit 2022.1 updates improve rebar modeling and detailing for structural engineers and detailers.

  • Edit multiple rebar set constraints at once
  • Automatically match coupler size to rebar type

Sloped Fabrication Layout Improvements

Autodesk 2022.1 offers several improvements to sloped layouts using fabrication parts, including new sloped adjustment tools, that will help you detail sloped layouts using MEP fabrication parts more quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

  • Connect fabrication parts the the new “Change Slope” tool
  • Accurately detail using the “Add Vertical” tool and drop into fabrication main runs
  • Maintain alignment of pitched pipe
  • Connected elements retain correct positions when adjusting complex sloped layouts

Category Name Search

This new feature will help you quickly find categories while working in Revit

  • Search for categories in dialogs using keywords without navigating through the entire list
  • Both the main category and subcategories are searchable
  • You can search using partial input – for example, if you search “duct” all results that include those letters will be shown

Find in Project Browser

This new feature will improve productivity by helping you locate elements across many views and sheets quickly and easily.

  • Select elements in your model and quickly locate them in the Project Browser
  • Connect your drawing canvas to the project browser


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