September 22, 2021

Easily connect your data, people, and processes with a true cloud-based PDM and PLM solution.

Upchain is a cloud-based product data management and product lifecycle management software all in one. Configurable, out of the box workflows control your processes to keep projects moving, while integrations keep teams working in the CAD and business tools they already know.

Keep data at the center with cloud PDM

  • Use the CAD systems that work for you without sacrificing functionality or leaving key suppliers out of the loop
  • Bring your organized product data directly into the programs your designers are already using
  • Track every change automatically, see who changed what, when, and why
  • Secure your data without resorting to building and maintaining a hardware stack
  • Compare two versions of a file with dynamic overlays

Cloud PLM for Modern Manufacturing

  • Give sales, marketing, suppliers, partners, and customers real-time access to 2D and 3D CAD data without licenses
  • Start quickly with built-in templates and configure phase gates, milestones, and tasks to meet your needs
  • Track, update, and share BOM data in real time
  • Configure change management processes in minutes
  • Automatically number parts with a configurable system to suit your business

Workflows and Integration

  • Tailor the workflows you need without custom coding
  • Start quickly without tedious customization using standard templates with configurability to meet your needs
  • Manage quality, tasks, requirements, suppliers, RFIs and more within one central platform
  • Send or pull in data with simple and flexible API integrations

With rapid deployment and adoption, you can experience the benefits of Upchain immediately. Plus, there’s no need to replace your PLM solution as your company scales or acquires – all of your CAD data can be integrated into one CAD-agnostic platform.

Avoid budget overrun, work together in real time, and keep projects moving with quick and easy access to critical information. CLICK HERE to learn more about Upchain and schedule a discovery call where we can learn more about your unique environment, uncover areas of opportunity, and make meaningful recommendations that will provide immediate impact.