July 26, 2021

Tina Plitsas – Welcome to Synergis!

By Kristen Tomasic, President, Synergis Technologies, LLC

I’m pleased to welcome Tina Plitsas to the Synergis family as an Account Manager on our manufacturing solutions sales team within our Engineering Design Solutions division.  At Synergis, we believe that people do business with people they like and trust, and as we strive to become a trusted advisor to our clients and deliver a uniquely positive customer experience, it was very important to us that we find someone trustworthy and likeable, and so when we met Tina, we realized she was a natural fit.

Tina joins us from Vertiv Data Solutions where she spent approximately 10 years as an Operations Coordinator and then a Customer Success Manager.  She spent much of her time focused on anticipating and understanding her customer’s needs and working to ensure she was delivering on the customer’s desired outcomes.  In her new role,

Tina is enjoying the fast pace of account management at Synergis, meeting new people, and learning a new language (aka CAD industry). She’s completed much of our tailored onboarding program and has already achieved Autodesk certification in Design and Manufacturing solutions.

Tina will be working with our manufacturing clients in Northern PA and North Jersey, and partners with Jenn Eldridge, our Renewal Specialist on our manufacturing

focused team.  (Fun fact: Jenn and Tina look a lot alike on 2D Zoom calls!)   Tina is very thankful for all the support surrounding her at Synergis, from her sales teammates to the technical team (Application Consultants), our helpdesk staff and our order processing team.  And, she is especially grateful for the warm welcome from the clients she’s spoken to so far!

Tina’s a Jersey girl, born and raised, but recently moved across state lines to the Lehigh Valley.  In her spare time, she stays as active as she can and maintains an “exercise is a gift” philosophy.  She’s not really into sports, but if pressed for a favorite team, she would choose the Yankees.  And, if she could live anywhere in the world, she would move to the Bahamas, live on a boat, give boat tours around the island, and catch her own food.  She said she loves to eat – especially bread – warm and crusty with some olive oil for dipping – and she attributes her food infatuation to her Greek and Italian ancestry.

Tina’s favorite Synergis family value is “Celebrate your Mistakes” because she believes that “Failure is success in progress.” Given her tenacity, her desire to learn, her interpersonal skills, and her integrity, it’s easy to see success in Tina’s future!

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