July 9, 2021

Autodesk has heard from educators who want their students to have more seamless access to Autodesk products.

In response, coming enhancements will allow educators to access (and assign) 125 single-user subscriptions for each Autodesk product in the plan.  This will provide an unparalleled level of access for students – by signing into the product on any single computer, while also being able to install it on up to 3 different computers.

Watch a quick video highlighting the new functionality that will become available.


As you likely already know, Synergis Engineering Design Solutions was one of the first Autodesk educational partners and has helped hundreds of high schools, technical schools, and post-secondary schools incorporate Autodesk software into their curriculums.

If you’d like help navigating these new enhancements or finding other ways to better utilize Autodesk design software in your classroom, reach out to us below!