May 19, 2021

Do you know your Synergis Engineering Design Solutions Team?  Sure, you’ve worked with us and know our names, but do you really know who we are and what makes us tick?  We are excited to start a new Synergis CAD Blog Series, “Employee Spotlight,” to highlight the team members that make our Synergis family truly one of a kind. Follow along with the hashtag #synergisCADspotlight to get to know the people who embody our Synergis Family Values! First up, Application Consultant, Kevin!


Kevin Spear, P.E.: Faithful, Fearless, and Flexible

By Kristen Tomasic, President, Synergis Technologies, LLC

Kevin Spear is our featured employee in our first ever Employee Spotlight.  Kevin is an AEC Application Consultant in our Engineering Design Solutions group, and on a day to day basis Kevin works with architects and engineers to help them apply technology in the real world.   Some days, Kevin may be training people how to use Autodesk design software while other days, he can be found configurating and customizing applications for specific workflows.  Kevin’s technical expertise and business acumen enable him to work closely with all levels of an organization, including designers and engineers, business owners and CIOs.

Kevin joined Synergis 8 years ago and has proven to be one of our most professional, knowledgeable, and flexible consultants.  Kevin graduated from Messiah College in 1991 and achieved his Engineer-In-Training (EIT) in the fall of 1991 and then went on to achieve his Professional Engineer (PE) license in 1999.   Kevin has proven time and again that he can handle whatever curve ball is thrown his way.  We believe his superpower is his fearlessness, and his ability to adapt and find solutions to customer challenges.  He can jump into new technology without hesitation, and he never shies away from a new solution or opportunity for learning or growth.

How Kevin describes his favorite Synergis Family Value provides great insight to his superpower:

Be an Architect for Innovation and Change (which I would rewrite to be an Engineer for Innovation and Change). In today’s shifting technology landscape, many people are simply afraid to jump off the cliff into the cloud-based business world. Once they have jumped, they find out they were only standing on a curb! I love being able to get lightbulbs of understanding, regardless if it’s a designer or an owner. Fun stuff!”

Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife, Hillary, and his girls Lexie and Kalei and playing drums, which he has done since childhood.  Kevin’s favorite place to be is with Hillary because he finds he’s the happiest when he’s with her.  Together, they have three rescue dogs (Chandler, Joey and Reece) and one rescue cat named Fifi, who is currently looking to be rescued…from the dogs.   Kevin and Hillary support a charity named World Vision that helps children and families around the world overcome poverty and injustice. They’ve been supporting one child for more than 10 years and find it amazing to get letters from her describing her growth.

It’s clear when you talk to Kevin that he is remarkably servant-leader focused. When asked what he likes about working at Synergis, he said, “I like that we are family. Regardless of what has, is or will happen personally or professionally, we are supported and encouraged through those moments.”  He doesn’t define success by his personal gain, but whether he has “served others and shown them the grace and love we all deserve.”  Given all of this, it should come as no surprise that Kevin’s favorite quote is “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”  (John 15:13).