February 12, 2021

What are some of your business challenges? Changes in demand? Dated technology? Increased competition? The constant changes in technology and the manufacturing industry that lead to these challenges can be a little scary, but they can all be easily mitigated with Design Automation.

So why automate?

  1. Stop wasting time on tedious tasks

Sometimes, repetitive tasks are just part of the job. But with automation, you can easily write code to do all the boring work for you! Define the rules that automate these monotonous tasks with iLogic technology inside Inventor. You can set rules to automatically trigger based on your actions, so saving time is as effortless as creating or opening a document, changing geometry, or suppressing assembly components.

2. Rapidly configure products to customer specifications

If you want to efficiently respond to bids, you need a quick turnaround of customer requirements into a properly configured model. iLogic helps you stay on time and on spec. Define rules that control feasible product customizations so only acceptable configurations can be generated. Then, add forms and publish to an online configurator to provide an intuitive front end, giving your sales teams or customers the freedom to customize products, and you the time to put into other products.

3. Measure up to your company standards

Checking your work against company standards and best practices can be time consuming. You have to know the standards, know when things don’t match up, and actually have the time to take a closer look at your design. But, defining standards using automation tools in Inventor, those tasks are a thing of the past. Inventor automatically checks your models, assemblies and drawings to easily ensure compliance before release.

4. Skip the complex programming

Learning the design automation environment saves you and your engineers the time and stress of learning complex programming. With iLogic, commonly used code snippets automatically populate into the rules you define, and a wizard helps quickly create rules for certain tasks. As you familiarize yourself with the tool, you can get into more advanced logic where you can create more sophisticated rules.

5. Extend automation into downstream activities

Automation isn’t limited to the model itself. It actually helps you get more from your models all the way down to the shop floor. iLogic works with parts, assemblies, and drawings, and also integrates with Inventor CAM and Inventor Nastran.

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